Bats seriously freak me out.  They are like rats that fly.  My wife loves them, she says they are helpful in eating mosquitos and other insects, but they still freak me out.

According to, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention is putting out a warning to residents to be extra careful about bats because they are most active in August and September.  Your chances of encountering one are greater at this time of year.

Bats can carry rabies and transmit it to humans, according to the news station, and if you discover one flying in your house and trap it, make sure you use gloves and do not handle it with your bare hands.  Ensure that none of your pets have been exposed to the bat.

Yea I won't be trapping anything, I might have to get assistance from the wife.

The bat can transmit rabies not only through bites but even scratches.

According to, nine bats tested positive for rabies last year.  The last reported case of rabies in a human was back in 1938 in Maine, the news station stated, but still better safe than sorry.  This IS 2020 remember.

If you think you may have been exposed and scratched or bitten, or even if one of your pets may have encountered one, seek out your doctor or vet.

We can’t be too careful because… 2020, remember.  I have seen my dog Buddy attempt to catch them in midair, but they are too fast for him.  The only way he could catch one is if they were sick which worries me.

Of course, groundhogs don’t stand a chance around Buddy.  At least the yard is groundhog free.  I grew up in a city and the first time I saw a groundhog I thought it was a giant squirrel.  Where my wife grew up, they were called whistle pigs.  What are they called in New England?

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