Hey, I have some good news if you are single and ready to mingle.

I know when it comes to online dating it can be scary and sometimes dangerous, and I know a lot of old-school heads who don't wanna try new things, but this is how dating is done these days. A lot of it is done online.

But if you live in the New England area it's pretty safe, according to Highspeedinternet.com.

Vermont is the safest state when it comes to online dating, the website states. And what they mean by safe, it's everything from no-strings-attached quickies to long-term relationships that emerged from online dating sites.

So Vermont was first and right behind Vermont are other New England states with New Hampshire at No. 3 and Maine No. 4, according to highspeedinternet.com's report. If you're wondering who came in second place, it's West Virginia (interesting).

If you're single and live in Alaska, you may wanna move, because according to the report, it's the most dangerous state for online dating.

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