bee isolated on black background

It’s a story that can only demonstrate the toughness of New Englanders.

A New Hampshire man was driving along the Pelham last Thursday afternoon when reports he felt a bee inside his shirt and was stung.

The distress and shock of the bee sting caused the driver of the Ford truck to hit a Nissan Juke head-on, the news station stated.

According to, the accident caused the driver of the Nissan Juke careening nearly 250 feet into the woods.  Both cars needed a tow, so the damage had to be significant.

I say a story only heard in New England because one of the lines in the story is “There were no reported injuries.”

Really?  A head-on collision on a major highway and NO ONE WAS REPORTED INJURED?”

New Englanders are a tough group.

With all this talk about the summer of the shark and warnings left and right about shark sightings and beach closures, it is the mighty bee that can cause such damage.   And there are way more fatalities reported from bee stings than shark attacks.

I’m just glad everyone was okay.

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