After 192 years in business, Durgin-Park closed its doors last month. Many of the iconic items are going up for auction.

When it came to authentic New England dishes like pot roast, Boston baked beans, and seafood from Cape Cod, few did it better than Durgin-Park in Boston's Faneuil Hall. The restaurant was open for 192 years, and closed their doors on January 12th. While the quality was never compromised, Michael Weinstein, CEO of Ark Restaurants, which owned and operated Durgin-Park, told WMUR News 9 the newly passed minimum wage increase along with expenses of health care, liability insurance and property insurance contributed to the iconic eatery closing.

You can own a piece of history, as many of the items go up for auction. A preview will take place at the restaurant Saturday and Sunday, according to WMUR News 9. Online bidding ends on Feb. 20. Among the 200 items is a A folk art carved wooden pig dated 1879.

Full details available here.

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