The King of Rock & Roll was um, "eccentric." In case you haven't been, one trip to Graceland would seal that opinion. People have paid ungodly amounts of money for items such as his sweat. (How can one verify that?) Yet, now, you can own a piece of Elvis's history. A television he once...shot up.

It's one of the over 150 items up for auction on November 11th. Other items linked to Presley: his private jet, a 1957 pink Cadillac, a boat named "Hound Dog," a television he shot up at Graceland and a two-bedroom mobile home from his Circle G ranch. There's also a radio once owned by President John F. Kennedy. How about the Army uniform worn by Tom Hanks in Forest Gump? That's up there, too. Also up for grabs is Reese Witherspoon's clothing from the movie "Legally Blonde;" and a 1993 Jaguar owned by the late model Anna Nicole Smith.


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