The man had brought an adaptive bike on a trip, which would allow him to ride the Rocky Mountains.

Stealing of any kind is low. However, there's something that seems especially bottom shelf about ripping off a specially built bike that helps a paralyzed man continue to live out his dream.

This didn't happen in his Nashua backyard. The thief, or thieves, struck while he was on vacation in another country.

According to WMUR News 9, Ryan St. Lawrence has continued to chase his mountain biking dream, despite being paralyzed in an accident three years ago. His specialized "Bucket Bike" allows him to ride on trips like he is taking this summer to Canada, with hopes of riding the Rocky Mountains. Sunday night, he says someone stole his bike outside the hotel where he was staying.

Since the bike is a specialty, it's easily identifiable, and St. Lawrence hopes it returns soon. Until then, he's riding another adaptive bike while authorities investigate.

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