Calling all dog owners and dog lovers. The only indoor dog park with a full bar in New England is open and awesome.

Park9 Dog Bar opened just last year in 2023.

According to their website, they have "designed over 10,000 sq. ft to create a fun, clean, and safe space where dogs and humans are welcome throughout."

And the best part is that human entry is free.

Breaking it down, Park9 Dog Bar is part dog park. It's like a normal dog park you would bring your furry friend to, but indoors.

Park9 Dog Park is also part doggy daycare. Like a traditional doggy daycare, but wicked nice (as they say in Boston).

Park9 Dog Bar is ALSO part bar, as in a full-service bar you would go to for a sports game or drink with friends. Except it has dogs. Like, a lot of dogs.

I have dogs, so naturally, I will be carving a weekend to go. However, even if I did not have a dog, I would still go here for a drink, which you certainly are allowed to do.

Even though Park9, located at 24 Elm Way in Everett, Massachusetts, is a dog bar, you do not need a dog to go.

You can go to one of the two full-service bars and just watch the cuteness in front of you. Plus, look how cool the indoor facility is.

Day passes are available for $10 on the weekdays and $15 on the weekends. You can also get a full month-to-month membership for $45 or $460 annually.

There are some rules at Park-9 (which make total sense):

  • Dogs must be fully vaccinated and in good health.
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered (after one year).
  • Dogs must be flea and tick-free.
  • Dogs must be at least four months old (except for puppy events).
  • Dogs must wear a flat collar or harness.
  • There is a two-dog max per owner policy.
  • Dogs must be socialized for group play.

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