Could we see a Patrice Bergeron return to the Boston Bruins in February for one more playoff push?

This is purely speculation with some very interesting reasoning.

The short answer is yes, we could. But let's back it up.

I was listening to the Spittin Chiclets podcast yesterday, and heard something that really got into my head. Patrice Bergeron, former Bruins captain and a top-five Bruin of all time, was recently spotted skating.

No, not with his children. But rather, as he claims, to stay in shape for alumni games.

That is a load of bologna. Bergy does not need to stay in shape for alumni games. He is easily the best skater among all of the older guys who play in the Bruins alumni games, as he only retired six months ago.

For those doubting right away, just remember that when he was asked if he would ever come out of retirement, his answer was, "You never say never, but I just think it's a no." NEVER. SAY. NEVER.

Listen, this is a big stretch. However, I do think it is feasible, and here is why.

No one expected the Bruins to be THIS GOOD this year. Fans expected a solid season with Pasta and Marchy up top and the best goaltender pair in the NHL. But no one expected us to be where we are: dominating.

Perhaps. PERHAPS. Bergy is sitting on the couch, watching his old team win game after game, maintain possession of the first place in the Atlantic division, and he thinks, "Yeah, let's go for one more. I still got it."

Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins
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Plus, you know his closest friend Brad Marchand is in his ear saying, "You're better than every center in the rest of the NHL and you're retired, come back for one more."

If Bergeron returned, the Bruins would become a SERIOUS cup contender, more so than they already are.

And let's face it, he doesn't need the money. Coming back would strictly be to go get one more cup with his old teammates, not the money.

I will also say that today, a friend of mine who lives in Boston saw Patrice exiting the TD Garden at an odd time. Not a game time, that is. What the heck is he doing there?

I'll stop speculating, but there is a serious potential here. What do you think? Could Patrice Bergeron return to the Boston Bruins this year?

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