It's a good thing the Patriots own two air 'Kraft's for an occasion like this.

According to Seacoast Online, an illness has swept through the team and kept nine players out of practice all week.

They put Team Healthy on one plane and Team Sicky on the other. Let's not let the sickies infect the healthies, right!?

At the end of the day the separation strategy didn't work. The Patriots still lost to the Texans 28-22 and TB12 was less than pleased.

According to his 'frustrations were on full display' in the form of flinging his helmet to the ground and shouting at wide receivers while sitting on the sidelines.

Brady doesn't think the team getting sick had anything to do with the loss. His outlook was:

“When you don’t play good, you don’t win. We didn’t deserve it.”

Hopefully we can get it together and beat the Chiefs at home this Sunday!

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