In the first 30 minutes after Tom Brady declared on Twitter that he was retiring, he received more than 17,000 likes, 8,000 retweets and nearly 2,000 comments. That's when you know that you're famous. But it's also when you know that lots of people that follow you haven't looked at a calendar today or really, really don't want this to be a joke.

If Tom Brady choosing April 1st of all days to announce his "retirement", then what he claims that he'll be doing with his new found spare time should be the clincher on how this isn't legit and is totally a joke. Brady said that he'll be spending that free time tweeting from this point forward. (Tom Brady doesn't like to tweet) Brady doesn't declare what he's retiring from either. Could be avocado ice cream, could be from wearing scarves. We just don't know.

So if you're a New England Patriots fan in full panic mode, or a Patriots hater celebrating today like it's your birthday, well, you are the greatest of all the April fools. Tom Brady will be back again this coming season for the Patriots, looking to capture ring #7 as the New England dynasty just keeps chugging along.

Now had Bill Belichick activated the snapface app and announced HIS retirement, that would have been a story!

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