Air travel at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport has risen a whopping 200% from the same time last year, according to reporting from

TSA reports that more than 10 million people took to the skies at airports across the country last week, the news station stated.

We have come a long way in a year since a pandemic was declared. Of course, precautions are still being taken.  Manchester-Boston Regional Airport has taken great pains to ensure the safety of travelers.

Enhanced cleaning, social distancing, and mandatory masks have helped people feel safer about air travel.  All of these extras have come at a cost to airlines and airports and fortunately, economic assistance was provided for them in the last pandemic bill to pass the legislature.  This federal funding is critical to maintaining healthy air travel and to bring the airline industry back.

I am not sure I would travel at this point just for leisure, but spring breakers seem to have no worries and just want to get away after a long lockdown.  I doubt I will get on a plane until I am fully vaccinated. I'm scheduled to get my first shot on April 6th.

Ted Kitchens who is a director at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport tells, “Over the past three to four weeks, we’ve seen about a 20% increase week-over-week each week. We have masks available at the checkpoint if you do happen to forget yours in the car.  Those masks are made available, and, of course, you need that mask to get on board.”

As more people get vaccinated and more states open up for recreational activities air travel will undoubtedly increase so it’s important to maintain those Public Health precautions such as mask-wearing and social distancing until it's truly over.

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