Millennials are spending hundreds of dollars on special consultants to help keep their plants alive, because they don't know how.

The NY Post says, they help with things like watering schedules and using the right type of fertilizer. They also help pick out plants. Some of them offer plant-sitting services when you're out of town.

Apparently one of the big motivators behind all this is social media. People want their plants to be more Instagram-friendly. And they're willing to spend a lot of money to make it happen. One guy who does it says he makes around $300 per client.

Maybe it's because both of my parents were florists...but taking care of a plant isn't that tough. Sunshine and water is pretty much all that's required. And if you're worried about how much of either to give the plant...there's usually a little card in each plant that has instructions for its care. Not tough stuff.

But after reading the article in the NY Post, I asked myself, if I had an extra $300 to pay someone to do a chore for me...what would it be? The answer: a chef! I'd love if someone cooked for me every day. Not that I don't enjoy cooking. But on those days when I don't feel like doing it. Or there's nothing in the fridge and I have to run to the grocery store. It would great to have someone at home doing all of that for me.

So I posed that question this morning...and here's what I discovered: people in New England HATE doing laundry...and dishes!

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