A song which has ruled the country the last four months has inspired multiple incidents of theft in Massachusetts.

In 2019, and for the foreseeable future, living on an Old Town Road hasn't been the quietest existence. From people taking their horse down one, to just showing up for the experience, residents probably just want a little peace and quiet.

Now, people in Massachusetts have taken fandom to theft level. 

According to NECN, a Wellesley Old Town Road street sign has been stolen three times, town officials said. The estimated cost of replacing each sign is roughly $250, in addition to manpower. Not surprisingly, the sign guy isn't happy. Ricky Phillipo told NECN "I was kind of flabbergasted." "This is something new, so now we have to watch out."

Everyone thinks it's stealing signs is fairly innocent, until first responders, or anyone new to the area need the signs. GPS is great, but road signs are a great backup.




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