Brett Eldredge is on quite the fitness kick lately! He said in a recent interview that he got REALLY into running during quarantine and actually got a little too thin at one point. He is now in the process of bulking back up which means eating lots of food and integrating some weights into his routine a few times a week.

According to his social media a few days ago, he is also becoming quite the hiker these days! He definitely strikes me as a man who would enjoy a nice peaceful walk in the woods. Brett took to Instagram to ask his followers:

"Looking to plan my next hiking adventure!? What trails do you recommend!?"

Brett Eldredge via Instagram
Brett Eldredge via Instagram

The people of Maine and New Hampshire took this as an opportunity to "shoot their shot" and get one of country music's biggest stars to come hike in our neck of the woods. I mean, we know what we bring to the table here in Northern New England and gorgeous natural wonders are certainly it!

Here are some of my favorite comments on his post:

People of Maine and New Hampshire Want Brett Eldredge to come hike in our Neck of the Woods

Country superstar Brett Eldredge asked where he should go on his next hiking adventure and OF COURSE the people of Maine and New Hampshire came sliding in with their recommendations.

Have any other trails to recommend for our good pal Brett? Feel free to drop us a comment and we will pass the message along!

All this hiking talk is making me thirsty!

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