Is there anything better than free ice cream? Allow me to answer my own question real quick, NO! No there is not.

According to the website Mashed, the annual Free Cone Day has been a first-day-of-spring tradition at DQ since the year 2006 (that's when I graduated high school, great year, by the way). Unfortunately for Dairy Queen soft serve enthusiasts, the pandemic put a real damper on that, and Free Cone Day was forced to take a two year hiatus in 2020 and 2021. Dairy Queen explained to their fans on their Facebook back in February 2021 that given the "long lines" the annual event tends to attract (people love their ice cream, especially when it's free), it didn't adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines that were in place at that time. Last year it was back in full swing, and this year is no different!

In just four sweet days (March 20), Free Cone Day will be coming to DQs near you.

Head to your local Dairy Queen and redeem your free vanilla soft serve cone!  Patrons are encouraged to donate to the Children's Miracle Network on Free Cone Day. However, a donation isn't required to redeem your free cone.

Dairy Queen has donated over $110 Million for Children's Miracle Network hospitals since 1984. How amazing is that? 

Granite Staters, here are your available New Hampshire DQ locations:

Manchester, Hudson, Somersworth, Nashua, Concord, North Conway, Merrimack, Salem, Glen, Tilton.

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