Since the year 2011 my husband and his family have upheld a Thanksgiving tradition. When they wake up on turkey day morning they take a dip in the icy Atlantic and call it the Pilgrim Plunge. (I'm certain the pilgrims never did that crazy nonsense, but that is beside the point)

This year I knew how cold it would be. It was the coldest Thanksgiving in 100 years as a matter of fact. I wasn't trying to get hypothermia therefore I decided to create a loophole.

My sister-in-law Stacey was spending Thanksgiving with her boyfriend Rob's family. So we couldn't do it without the entire squad present! In an act of solidarity I decided I would not plunge until Stacey and Rob got there the next day. Which just so happened to be 30 degrees warmer! How do you like that cranberry sauce?!

So I plunged on the Thanksgiving weekend but not on Thanksgiving day which I guess doesn't make me a true pilgrim. But you know what? I am okay with that.

Here we are plunging in previous years:



Stacey Greenberger via Facebook


Stacey Greenberger via Facebook

(when they did it without me)

Steven Greenberger via Facebook