Mother's Day is definitely mom's day. But when you're a single dad, and your son's mom lives in California, sometimes you're both dad and mom. So tonight I decided to take my son to The Thirsty Moose Taphouse in honor of Mother's Day.

Since moving to Dover three months ago, I kept hearing how great The Thirsty Moose is. Famous for having seventy beers on tap, and amazing food...we decided tonight was the night. First of all I have to admit I don't like beer. So obviously I didn't drink any. But I thought it very thoughtful of the staff to post their Top Picks and have them prominently on display. From what I could pick up over the music blasting throughout the place, and the multitude of TVs with sports, the bartenders really seemed to know their stuff. I certainly didn't see any disappointed faces on the customers anyway.

My son and I were there for the pizza and the wings...and, like their selection of beer, The Thirsty Moose didn't disappoint. With a wide variety of specialty pizzas to choose from, I decided to go classic and simple...pepperoni pizza. Now I love a great specialty pie as much as the next guy. But when I visit a joint for the first time I like to keep it simple. If you can do something basic really well, that says a lot to me. And The Thirsty Moose hit this one out of the park. Covered in pepperoni, the cheese pulled away in strings as I lifted the first slice to my plate. Thin enough to fold, but with an amazing crust. Really one of the best pizzas I've eaten in months.

My son is the wing connoisseur in our family. The first thing he loved about the citrus chipotle wings is the fact it's the entire wing, connected. Full of meat and slathered in an amazing citrus chipotle sauce. His only complaint...and it was more a comment...he didn't really taste the citrus. And a couple of them were slightly too crispy. But judging by the pile of empty bones on his plate, and the smile on his face...these wings get two big thumbs up.

Finally, the price was right too. It was only $35 for a large pepperoni pizza, and twelve whole wings. So if you're looking for a great spot for pizza, wings, and beer...that won't drain your could do a heck of a lot worse than The Thirsty Moose.