Cleaner Company is Growing in Somersworth, New Hampshire


I am a neat freak.  I must have 20 types of cleaners just for my car.  Like the co-owner, Anne Ruozzi, of Therapy Clean tells newscentermaine “I’m one of those people that feels that when the external world is organized and clean it makes me feel grounded.”  A few years ago, she turned to her husband for help because the cleaners she was using to clean her new stainless-steel appliances were leaving streaks.  Same Girl!  I feel the same way.  Her husband, James Dudra had experience in the auto industry making cleaners.  I probably have 50 products he had a hand in developing.


It starts with an idea


What started with Anne Ruozzi wanting a better cleaner began a business for the couple.  Their business based in Somersworth currently employs 17 people, but the couple has plans to have their cleaner in one out of five households in the United States by 2026.  They launched their first product on Amazon and make products for granite, tile, wood, and cabinets.  Their products are good for the environment using coconut oils as a base instead of petroleum.  Good for your cleaning and good for the environment.


It wasn’t smooth sailing


The couple wasn’t an instant success. They struggled along the way even filing for bankruptcy at one point.  They did not give up.  Ruozzi tells “I see Somersworth as a community that has a huge opportunity to grow and improve and how cool it would be to be part of that growth.”  They pushed through the hard times and never gave up on their dream.  Now their business is growing, and they are all about giving back.  Therapy Clean supports the Dover Children’s House among other local charities.  If you want to help a local company that believes in giving back grab some Therapy Clean products for your home. Check them out here on Amazon




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