458 pot bellied pigs desperately need your help. Although they live in Kentucky, a nationwide call for help has been made to rescue the little porkers after the state of Kentucky had to step in and take possession of them due a hoarding case.

WMUR-TV is reporting several local and national rescue organizations are working with the state to save the pet pigs. Many of them are malnourished, pregnant and in distress.  WMUR says Sept. 14 is the deadline for vetting, spaying and neutering and transporting pigs to approved homes.

Any remaining pigs are slated to be euthanized, according to the nonprofit organization, Pig Advocates League.  There are four ways you can help...

Adopt. The Pig Advocate League says they're looking for rescues/sanctuaries that can provide temporary holding for pigs going to homes.

Volunteer. They need help on the scene, and behind the scenes.

Transport. They need anyone willing to transport pigs, via crates or trailers.

Donate. They can only save those that get vetted, spayed/neutered, and transported.

To help save these little piggies please click HERE.

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