With plastic pollution an increasing problem worldwide, a Maine based company is taking a major step in combating the crisis.

Earlier this week, Poland Spring beverages announced a plan to move to 100 percent recycled plastic for all its noncarbonated water containers. According to the Journal Tribune, the company is getting to the heart of the issue right away. Beginning this month, all one-liter bottles will use recycled plastic. By 2022, they hope to have 100 percent recycled plastic for bottles in all of its still water lines.

While a controversy over plastic grows, the bottled water industry has faced increased criticism over its use of plastic, much of which ends up as trash or litter.

According to Journal Tribune, Poland Spring’s move will be a huge part of helping parent company Nestlé Waters North America to reach its goals of 25 percent recycled plastic by 2021 and 50 percent recycled plastic by 2025. recently, the Beverage Marketing Corporation listed Poland Spring as the second-largest bottled water company in the United States.




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