They disposed of the beverages in exactly the way they weren't supposed to.

Two Burlington, Vermont police officers have been placed on administrative duty after they allegedly drank beer they had confiscated from underage kids earlier. WMUR News 9 reported Burlington Police Chief Brandon Del Pozo said that rather than disposing of the beer, as required by department procedure, the accused officers drank it.

Even if they were off duty, that's still a big no-no.

It's a matter law enforcement takes seriously.  WMUR News 9 reported Del Ponzo stated "We expect officers to document and dispose of confiscated beer, not consume it. Officers who do not process seized property in accordance with procedure are subject to serious discipline." The unidentified officers will face discipline.

It turns out other officers from the department called in the incident. According to Del Pozo, an investigation was opened after other officers reported it to commanders.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, officials were tight-lipped about the brand of beer.

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