Finger sandwiches were not on the late menu at one Elm St. bar.

According to the Union Leader, thirty seven year old Gregory Geneus was out on Wednesday night, and it ended with an altercation resulting in Geneus allegedly biting the finger off a bouncer. Police said Geneus was arrested about 9:40 p.m. and charged with second-degree assault, simple assault, criminal trespass and violation of bail conditions.

According to a news release reported in the Union Leader, an altercation escalated when a bouncer tried to remove Geneus from the 1097 Elm St. bar. Not agreeing with the bouncer, Geneus punched him repeatedly, police said. Next, the bouncer put Geneus in a bear hug, Geneus allegedly bit off part of the man's finger.

So, the obvious question here is where did the finger go? Also, was it found? According to the Union Leader, the finger was found inside the bar and the victim was taken to a local hospital where doctors were to try reattaching it, police said.



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