It’s that time.  Every four years we elect a president and it pits neighbor against neighbor.  Lawn signs are part of our freedom of speech.  Some displays around New Hampshire have really been entertaining.  I can’t recall seeing so many political signs in any other election.  Unfortunately, according to, tampering with lawn sides is on the rise.  Sgt. Chris Olson of the Londonderry Police Department tells “In the past few weeks leading up to the election, we’ve had an uptick in vandalized signs and signs being stolen out of people’s property.  It is an issue facing both sides of the political spectrum.  Both Trump and Biden signs are being stolen and tampered with.


Hollis Police Department took to posting on their Facebook page saying, “Although you may not approve of or support the name on the person on the sign, that property belongs to someone else.  This behavior is unnecessary and directly conflicts with the very premise of our rights as Americans and the freedoms of speech we possess,” according to reporting by  The news outlet reports that going on someone’s property to tamper with or remove a sign is trespassing.


It’s been a very heated election cycle with passions high on both sides.  Soon those signs will come down and this election will be one of the record books.  No matter what the results of the election, let’s remember we are all Americans and work together after this election.  And stay off other people’s lawns.  The signs will all come down in a few days.



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