Those who considered this chain's location part of a Monday routine are up for a rude awakening today.

The Lowell Sun reported Monday morning  Friendly's Restaurant in Chelmsford Center has permanently closed. The nes came with very little warning. In fact, if you were away for the weekend, this is likely the first you're hearing of it. Even employees were out of the loop until yesterday, when they were notified without warning that the restaurant would close within a 24 hour period.

As of this morning, the Sun reported a small sign had placed on the door reading "This restaurant has permanently closed, THANK YOU for your patronage." In addition, a klarger sign was posted on the lawn in front of the restaurant stating that the building, zoned for retail, is available. The location is no longer on the Friendly's website.

Details were scarce, and the Sun reported that as of this AM, only a few employees were inside cleaning the location.


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