Buying paint for your home is one of the most stressful decisions a homeowner can make.

Trust me, I just went through it.

Some house projects are short-term, and others are long-term. For example, you can put up a shelf or even paint a bedroom color that you don't love. No big deal. You can replace and change those things for pretty cheap, at any time in the house.

Countertops, patio/steps, and exterior paint colors are painfully permanent. Now, they are obviously replaceable. However, they are very expensive and a huge hassle to replace.

So with those projects in mind, picking an exterior paint color, for example, is stressful. Not only are you not replacing it for a while, but you and your neighbors look at it every day, so you have to love it.

So this begs the question, do you pick a paint color to stand out, or blend in?

I mean, the pink house in Newburyport, Massachusetts, totally stands out, but is that what you want? Or would you just want to pick a popular color that you know will blend in as people drive by?

Every year, paint companies offer up the most popular paint color of the year, but it really is specific to location.

So what is the most popular paint color in New England states? According to an All-Star Home article, New England loves blue.

Now without thinking about the kind of blue, I guarantee you can think of a few neighbors with blue homes, or at least blue/gray.

In Maine, the #1 color is BM Pallidian Blue. This is a soft, grayish blue.

New Hampshire's #1 color is the Newburyport Blue. This blue has some darker green undertones. I know at least three houses on my street with this blue (or at least a variation).

Vermont's #1 color is the Hall Blue, which is like a navy.

Massachusetts had a gray color in the #1 spot: the Gray Owl.

So now that you know the #1 colors in every state, the choice is yours. Blend in with a gray/blue, or stick out with a pink, purple, or red.

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