According to The Daily News, different 'spirits' are to have said to haunt Brick & Ash on Center Street in Newburyport. Old tales claim that the old 10 Center St. building once served as a brothel back in the 19th century. Since then many restaurants and Inns have occupied the space. Lucinda worked as a "lady of the night" in the building back in its brothel days. Supposedly Lucinda was thrown down the stairs, broke her neck and died in that very building.

Lucinda is the most well-known of the spirits that visits the building now known as Brick & Ash. The article states she likes to make her presence known by flickering lights, knocking glasses over, and making doors appear to open and close all on their own. Members of the staff say its never anything malicious or mean, but it's totally there.

Lucinda's presence is embraced and honored with a special libation. Feel free to order it the next time you visit and flatter this sassy ghost. 'The Lucinda' is a gin and tonic with simple syrup and lime juice, garnished with basil. How refreshing and bone chilling all at the same time.

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