A guy who wants to remain anonymous walked into a breakfast place called Maple's earlier this month near Portland, Maine.  And he bought lunch for 59 random strangers.

He chose to do this for 59 people to honor the 59 people who lost their lives in the Las Vegas shooting.

It has yet to come out how much the final bill was but apparently he didn't set a limit.  He just left his credit card number, and told them to run it for the next 59 people who came in.

To respect the man's wishes, the owner of the restaurant won't reveal his name, but says he's a longtime customer who isn't a wealthy by any means.  He just does random acts of kindness whenever he can.  He also went to Houston recently and helped flood victims after Hurricane Harvey.

And there is some more good news when it comes to Vegas,  The site Zappos.com has its headquarters there. And they're now offering to pay the funeral expenses for ALL of the victims if their families are struggling financially. Isn't that amazing?

They also started a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdrise.com this month that's raised about $410,000. Helping out in anyway you can is all we can hope for from Americans during this trying time. Whether it is a symbolic gesture like this guy from Portland or directly donating to victims and their families, every little bit helps.


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