For a moment it appears things are going to get ugly in a hurry at Guitar Grave on Congress Street in Portland. Then things de-escalated in a hurry...

A man spots his bicycle outside the store and rushes in to confront whoever is in possession of it. Is he going to beat this guy? Is he going to berate him? The turn of events that take place from there is rather surprising. Er, warning that there is some NSFW language if that sort of things offends you or your coworkers.

How unexpected was that?! I don't even like lending stuff to friends, never mind someone  allegedly in possession of my stolen property-- that dude is a bigger person than me. Just wow. And how about the staff at the store just nonchalantly going about their day and then teasing us with a riddle at the end!

Two names that are synonyms for theft!? Nick Steele? Jack Swipe? Rob Bogart? So many possibilities! Thanks to Guitar Grave for sharing this at and on their (infinitely entertaining) YouTube channel.