Now in actress living in California, she credits her much of her trivia success to 'osmosis.'

Three things are great about Jeopardy. First, getting on a roll in regular (first round) Jeopardy. Acing a few layup answers can really fuel that self esteem. Second, nailing final Jeopardy. In my case, it happens once in a great while, but man...what a rush. Third, it's kind of neat to cheer on someone local. Tonight, fans of America's Favorite Game Show will at least get a chance at #3.

According to Seacoast Online, 2003 Portsmouth High School graduate Sandha Khin will take her shot at Jeopardy fame and fortune tonight. (Tuesday the 25th) Expect her to be lights out great if a Shakespeare category comes up, as Khin studied acting in college and earned a master’s degree in classical acting in London, specializing in Shakespeare, according to Seacoast Online. 

While in Portsmouth, Khin said she and her late father would watch the show. She told Seacoast Online, "I think it was a way for him to learn English.” Her father was from Burma. Kihn said she “picked up a lot of information through osmosis.”

While the show has already been taped and she is sworn to secrecy, Khin said she plans to have a watch party with her friends.


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