Calling all skaters and bladers! It is almost time to drop into Portsmouth, New Hampshire's newest skate park.

This place is incredible.

If you're like me and never really got into skating, the new skate park in Portsmouth might change your mind.

The new skate park broke ground and went under construction on May 25, 2023. Since then, workers have been working nonstop to get this thing ready.

They did an incredible job, and yes, it is just about ready.

But there are plans to do much more with the skatepark than you probably think...

The new skatepark is located off Greenland Road (Route 33) as part of a phased build-out of the "Stump Dump" lot in the Master Plan, according to the City of Portsmouth website. This would also be the main access point to the NH Seacoast Greenway Route (Rail Trail).

Here is where the extras come in.

There are additional phases to this skate park to really make it a community place, not just for skaters.

So phase one: Skate Park. Phase two, or three (who knows): walking paths, playground, additional parking, lighting, and field upgrades.

This is incredible news for the town. Adding in walking paths, a playground, and other features was a really great idea. Now, this skate park is not just for skaters. It's for the whole community.

I am really looking forward to seeing the final product.

There has been no news on the exact opening date of the park, but based on the pictures, it is coming really REALLY soon.

If you are curious about funding for the park, the city of Portsmouth did post where the funds are coming from:

Funding for the Skateboard Park was included in the FY22- Capital Improvement Plan (page 76) for the FY24 budget. The proposed FY24-29 CIP (pg. 90) notes that FY24 Funding was completed in FY23 through a movement in the funding during the budget process. FY23 PPP reflects fundraising completed as of the end of FY22. FY28 and FY29 funding reflects the design and construction Phase II of the project.

At their April 17, 2023 the City Council voted to adopt a Resolution Authorizing a Bond Issue and/or Notes of up to One Million Eighty-Three Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,083,500.00) for Additional Costs for Constructing the Greenland Road Recreation Facility (Skateboard Park)

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