Part of my basic white girl behavior is as soon as the forecast hits 60 degrees, I crave a big 'ole smoothie like nobody's business. Thankfully, there is no shortage of delicious smoothie destinations here on the Seacoast.

Through my many years of smoothie consumption, I have found that different smoothies can benefit you depending on your mood and where you are in the day. See my chart below:

SLEEPY: A blend of coffee, almond milk, peanut butter and banana

ANXIOUS: Kale, frozen berries, coconut milk, avocado

PRE WORKOUT: Water, banana, frozen berries, flaxseed

POST WORKOUT: Pineapple chunks, baby spinach, plain greek yogurt, chia seeds, banana

POST MEAL: (good for digestion): fresh ginger, lemon juice, banana, avocado, water, coconut water

The other day I went for a stroll in downtown Portsmouth and decided to treat myself to a smoothie from The Juicery. As I was frolicking with my smoothie in hand, I couldn't help but sing to myself "'Tis the Damn Season" by our lord and savior, Taylor Swift. Because contrary to popular belief smoothie season is the most wonderful time of the year.

The Juicery
@The__Juicery via Instagram

Nothing puts me in a better mood than a visit to The Juicery. Their staff is always so friendly and fun. It seems like they are genuinely happy to be there and that makes me happy to be there. Plus the menu is full of punny and quippy names which is so my vibe! Lately I have been into the Espresso Yourself smoothie because you know your girl is sleepy. That one has BANANA, ALMOND BUTTER, ESPRESSO, CHOCOLATE ALMOND MILK. They also have organic juices, wraps, and bowls.

I just found out The Juicery is opening another location in Portsmouth which is so exciting! The new location will be at 2225 Lafayette Rd. I believe this will be The Juicery's 9th location but don't quote me on this.

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