Don't get me wrong, I am very faithful to my Dunkin Donuts on Central Ave. They save my morning one cold brew at a time. However, more options are always better. And I'd love the option of a drive thru on those cold winter days. (I know there is a drive thru at the Dunkins on Portland Ave but it's a bit out of my way in the morning)

The new Dunkin Donuts will be located on 181 Silver St and is scheduled to open some time between the last week in April and the first week in May.

According to Sherrie Emmond who is the regional general manager of Dunkin' Donuts said "It means a lot to the organization to make it more convenient to our guests on the south side of Dover as they travel to and from work on an already busy road, along with the creation of more job opportunities in the City of Dover."

Can't wait! Now I might need to take a drive by the site today to confirm that they have a drive thru. I will report back with my findings.

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