Just a stone's throw from the Strafford County Courthouse, there's a nice mile or so loop that is a perfect hike for any fan of walking, nature or both!

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I never wandered down this path before, mainly because it's always called 'where the covered bridge used to be' and who wants to go where something no longer is?

But come to find out, there's nearly everything you could hope for. The photo above is the northbound view of the Cocheco River and as any birdwatcher can tell you, where there is water, there are birds.

For the past 2 months, all I have seen are catbirds, robins and house sparrows. It was such a relief to see yellow plumage again, even though I couldn't identify which warbler was darting in and out of the tree tops.

Another cool bird encounter happened with some red breasted nuthatches that were tearing apart some pine cones at the very tops of some tall pines. They'd almost flit like gigantic hummingbirds while they picked out a pine cone seed and then flew to a sturdy branch to get to work on removing it from the husk.

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Does anyone have any clue what kind of flower this is?

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Or what about these berries?

I'm telling you, it seemed like there was something unexpected around every corner.

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The parking is free and plentiful, as my car was the only one in a huge lot right outside the entrance of the path.

It's between the Hyder Family Hospice House and Riverside Rest Home, basically, where the County Farm Road ends, this path begins!

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