If you are the proud owner of a landline in New Hampshire, or you use one at work, I'm sure you have enjoyed only having to dial 7 digits for in state calls up until this point.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but according to the Concord Monitor, pretty soon we will all have to start dialing 10-digits for in state calls.

FUN SIDE BAR STORY: As you may be aware, I am from Massachusetts and we have two area codes there: 508 and 978. When I started on WOKQ part of my job was to take down listener's info after they won a prize. I noticed many of them wouldn't give me their area code, they would just launched into their 7 digit number. I would always ask "area code?" Finally my co host at the time told me that there is only one area code in New Hampshire, by asking for their area code I was exposing my Masshole roots.

If your 603 pride runs deep and you are nervous about having to change your area code, don't you fret! The article explains we are not getting another area code anytime soon. The 603 is here to stay and will likely remain our only area code in the state for at least another decade.

You might be wondering "when does this all go into affect".

The article states that in October the option will start to become mandatory for more and more Granite Staters and by June of 2022 it will be required for everybody.

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