If you love to cook (or maybe have to cook whether you love it or not), you still try to serve the healthiest foods possible for your family.

So when there's a recall, we instantly check our pantry to see if we have that item on our shelves.

Well, there's a recall from the Food and Drug Administration, and you might have this in your closet.  The latest is from the Primal Kitchen company.

If you use Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil, there's an issue with the packaging.  The glass can be prone to breakage, so the company is pulling over 2,000 cases of the oil.  Primal Kitchen noticed the leakage during shipping, as most of the oils were shipped to the Eastern United States and California, according to msn.com.


If you have this product in your pantry, you are encouraged to throw it out and contact Primal Kitchen.  This is a voluntary recall by the California-based organization, with this message:

The affected product is isolated to a packaging issue for the 750mL Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil with an individual package UPC of 8-5523200719-4, case UPC of 108552320071910000 and a "Best When Used By" date of 19 Aug 2025 through 21 Aug 2025. Primal Kitchen said that no other sizes, formats or batches are affected.

Primal Kitchen is known for its quality products, mostly condiments using "good fats, real ingredients, and no added sugar, dairy, soy", according to Facebook.

Check your food pantry just in case.

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