Okay, I am not a monster. The thought of a deer falling through ice is so sad and scary. But would I be so dedicated that I would venture out into the middle of a frozen lake to rescue the creature? I can't lie to you, my friend, I probably wouldn't. I'd panic and shout and maybe call someone. I realize that that wouldn't help Bambi over there treading water and gasping for air.

WGME reported that a man from Princeton, Maine spotted a deer fall through the ice on Long Lake and he took matters into his own hands. 63-year-old Rick Crowe attempted to take a canoe out on the ice but the canoe capsized and that's when things got really scary. Thank god he was sensible enough to be wearing a life jacket!

I assume that Rick's wife was watching nearby because the site states she immediately called for help. Rick was rescued via airboat by a local game warden and some members of the Princeton Fire Department.


By the time Rick made it into the airboat he was miraculously still conscious. However, his temperature had fallen 89 degrees and he was taken to a hospital nearby. "But how is the deer doing?" One may ask. Well, that deer lived to see another day because he was also rescued.

Of course Rick had nothing but good intentions but this could have ended very badly. Wardens are spreading the word that there is way less ice on Maine's lakes and ponds this year than there normally is. It is of the upmost importance that before you venture out into the middle of a seemingly frozen lake or pond, you check how thick the ice is.

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