For better or for worse, people are brutally honest on Reddit. As far as social media platforms go, the added layer of anonymity gives users an extra burst of confidence and makes them feel safe to speak their truth.

This can be a great thing, especially when people feel marginalized or like they are the only human on planet earth who are going through a certain experience. Reddit has proved to be an excellent tool for people to connect with likeminded individuals without that added pressure to reveal their identity.

It almost brings me back to the days of AIM (AOL Instant Messenger, for the Gen Z readers). You could be whoever you wanted to be behind the screen name XoSweetiepie88 (not that that was my screen name or anything).

Unfortunately, just like every other social media platform, there is a dark side to Reddit. Keyboard cowboys love to go off on strangers because they know there is no way that their hateful and vile words can be traced back to them. A few bad apples can quickly turn an innocent thread into a toxic situation. These people would never say these horrible things to someone's face, but when they are safely hiding behind their computer screens, they let it rip.

A while back, someone posted to the New Hampshire Reddit group, saying something along the lines of "I am considering moving to New Hampshire and I really want to know what the pros and cons are of living in the Granite State." I thought the majority of the comments were helpful and awesome (aside from the people who said "it's great, don't come, we don't want you here"). Folks were serving up their honest opinions, and I thought it was an instance where the people of Reddit really shined. As someone who has lived and worked here for several years, I agree with every single point that was made. Here is what they said:

These Are the Pros and Cons of Living in New Hampshire

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