Get ready for what may be a busy weekend at Hampton Beach.  According to protesters as part of the ReopenNH movement are calling for a rally from noon to 4 pm this Saturday, June 6 at Hampton Beach according to reporting from  Chairman of ReopenNH Andrew J. Manuse says “We’re asking Granite Staters to help us celebrate D-Day and the freedoms that our ancestors were willing to fight and die for, which many have taken for granted.”


The ReopenNH movement is calling on Gov. Chris Sununu to end the shutdown of businesses and to permit full and open use of the beach, including for sunbathing.  A petition by the group has been signed by more than 7,000 residents of New Hampshire according to its organizers says  The group ReopenNH says the economic restrictions and more lethal than the COVID-19 virus to businesses and fears the restrictions in place are killing New Hampshire’s businesses and its economy.


On the opposite side of the argument is the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce whose president, John Nyhan has said “I think we are doing everything possible (to reopen). Everybody would love to be back to normal, but I believe we have to comply with public health because it’s not normal.”  JR Hoell, the treasure of ReopenNH firmly believes that, as he says, “It is time to say, ‘No more.’” and goes on to say that there should “be no more lockdowns, no more arbitrary rules, no more junk science used to justify a poor public policy.”  There are passionate voices on both sides of this argument.  It will be interesting to see how the protest unfolds this weekend.




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