Yes, the rumors are true, pumpkin! Pumpkin spice will be available at Dunkin' starting Wednesday, August 21st. I know some folks get testy about this. "Why must we rush the Summer? There's a time and place for Pumpkin flavored things and that time is not August." Well, I respectfully disagree. Pumpkin spiced coffee can be enjoyed on the beach, by the pool, it's delicious everywhere! And just because it is making its presence known, doesn't mean you have to order it.

Target has all of their Halloween costumes and candy out already. Sure it's a little too soon. And when Halloween is over, the Christmas stuff will be out. This is just how it goes so we might as well embrace it!

If you are looking for me next Wednesday you can find me in the drive-thru line at Dunkin'. I'll be ordering a pumpkin spiced coffee and pumpkin muffin in celebration.

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