I love this for SO many reasons -- sure, it's always awesome when there's somehow some kind of local affiliation with celebrities, so that's cool on its own. But the fact that even though he's from Philly, Questlove from The Roots didn't forget where the kickoff to his musical journey started, is SO huge and respectable.

Let's start at the beginning, back in May 1976.

Back then, Questlove wasn't Questlove yet -- he was still just little 5-year-old Ahmir Thompson. One night he found himself outside of The Portlander Hotel on Congress Street (clearly in Portland, look at the name of the hotel), when he started talking to a woman named Ellie.

According to the Portland Press Herald, in a Facebook post he tossed up over the weekend, Quest bragged on himself a bit by mentioning he talked up Ellie (who he referenced as "an older woman") and convinced her to buy him his first turntable and three records to go with it. She wrote it down on a napkin and said she would be back the next night to drop it off to him.

Obviously, he didn't expect to see her again the next night -- why would this woman spend a ton of her own money on a turntable and records for a kid she doesn't even know? But sure as the sunrises and sets, Ellie showed back up the next night with said turntable and records in hand, the newspaper stated.

Of course, Ahmir/Quest's parents weren't too happy that he'd been talking to a stranger, but Ellie insisted they go easy on him, because, according to Quest, she thought he was adorable and was happy to start his record collection, the newspaper reported.

So that brings us to today, where he's searching for Ellie now, mentioning in his Facebook post, "on the off chance someone in Portland Maine knows of a kind woman who in 1976 randomly purchased a turntable & 3 records for this lil black kid w an afro the size of Texas named Ellie...I'd like to know."

Do you know Ellie? Spread the word and help Quest find her! With all the trash that's happened in 2020 -- I'M LIVING FOR ALL THIS GOOD AND THE HOPES OF THIS REUNION!

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