I will miss Radici's bloody mary bar for brunch on sundays. There is no denying that. But alas, change is the only constant in this life and we must embrace it.

I had a Groupon that I originally purchased for Radici , one appetizer two entrees and a dessert. When I called to make a reservation they answered the phone by saying "Braise" and I was all "What the what? Do I have the wrong number" and they said that it was their first night open with the new name and menu and that they would still honor my Groupon. So off to Braise we went!

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

We started our experience off with a bowl of Cod Chowder. It was hearty filled with big pieces of fish, potatoes and vegetables. We were obsessed with it.

For our entrees my fiance Steven got the sausage and Duck stew which was a little sweet because of the sausage and in a bed of white beans and spinach. (I took many bites) Then I ordered the Red Wine chicken that was fall off the bone perfection with brussel sprouts as a side.

For dessert we went with this apple tart situation that was warm and came with vanilla ice cream on the side. You really can't go wrong with that! I highly recomend trying Braise in downtown Portsmouth it is cozy, classy with an innovative menu. It is the perfect spot for a date night or to catch up with an old pal.

And who knows, maybe they will release a Groupon to get the word out about the new menu! Keep your eyeballs open for that. I know I will.


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