Chio announced on the WOKQ Morning Show today that he is retiring from radio. We wish him the very best!  Chio wanted to give you his story on the last day of his legendary radio career...

It's Been an Amazing Ride

Wow Wow, what an amazing journey it's been for me. I have been on the radio since 1985 so almost 37 years. My career has taken me all over the country. I started in Sebring Florida, then to Savannah Georgia, San Diego, California (3 times), lot of my friends think that I was crazy to leave San Diego 3 times because it's so beautiful, the weather is perfect but and this is a big but I got the call to go to one of the biggest stations in America Z100 NYC which by the way was my dream. I also worked in Phoenix and spent the majority of my career in Philadelphia.

Before Coming to New Hampshire

Before coming to New Hampshire and 97-5 WOKQ I was in Philly, my plan was when that job ended I would retire because my family and I were done moving. My wife and I didn't want to be away from our kids. We have a very special relationship with our kids.

The station I was on in Philly switched formats, I lost my job. I then received an email from the boss at WOKQ and he asked if I had any interest in coming here to co-host the morning show on the Legendary 97-5 WOKQ? I spoke to my wife and she gave me the green light. I really love doing morning radio and talking to our listeners, playing games, and being a goofball.  I thought being 6 and a half hours away was not too bad. I was only gonna accept a job in the Northeast because of our kids.

Why I Took the Job

Next thing you know I'm on WOKQ. The reason I came here was the history WOKQ has. In the radio business if you can as a DJ you wanna work for a big brand like WOKQ. WOKQ is the iPhone of radio here in New Hampshire/Maine. If you love country music we are your go-to radio station. Then on top of that NH and Maine is so beautiful place.

Why I Am Retiring

My only daughter Chelsea then had a baby, our first grandchild and I can't explain it but the love that Shawn and I have for that baby is indescribable. My daughter and her husband live in the home I own in New Jersey. My wife and I wanna be full-time grandparents, we don't wanna miss 1 second of Baby Bodhi growing up. Also, my oldest and his fiance are having a baby as well, due in January. The people that we love the most we were spending the least amount of time with and that just didn't make any sense. My life is my family. I have decided to retire from the radio to spend more time with family.

I wanna thank you for listening to Kira and me every morning on WOKQ. Kira AKA the QUEEN is stepping into the driver's chair. She so deserve 's this..May God Bless You!


PS Happy Holidays

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