Get the tissues ready! If you are anything like me (a delicate flower) this story will make you ugly cry.

According to her Facebook post, Amanda Dunn has had a heck of a year and not the good kind. She's a mom of two and her kids had to finish out their 5th and 8th-grade years at home. This means they missed out on the typical graduations to middle school and high school which is Bummertown, USA.

To add insult to injury, one off her oldest son's friends lost his life to cancer less than two months ago. That is a burden that no teenager should have to bear. When her son got his high school year book he flipped through the pages and started to cry. Then the younger son started to cry and the next thing she knew, Amanda was in tears as well. In an attempt to perk everyone spirits she told her boys that they were going to go out and celebrate their friend and the life he lived. When she asked where he would have wanted to go out to eat, her son answered, "APPLEBEE'S!"

Off to Applebee's in Bangor, they went! They sat around the table and laughed as they reminisced about memories with their friend and the joy he brought to their lives. When it was time to pay for the bill the waiter explained it had already been taken care of! A woman in a nearby booth had been waiting for her unemployment check to come for 12 weeks. It finally arrived that day so she felt like she should give back.

Amanda was touched beyond words but she later expressed her gratitude and what that act of kindness meant to her. It was so much more than picking up a $60 tab.

" It demonstrated to each of my boys that although someone may be gone from our lives, they will always be with us! He was shining down on us. Laughing and enjoying that cheeseburger! He heard us talking to him, heard us that he would have wanted to go to Applebee’s and most certainly felt us loving him! AND for that, I will be forever grateful to you! Thank you...Thank you for showing my boys there are still people in this world that love! 💕 "

I'm not crying you're crying.

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