A rare albino porcupine has been hanging out in Rochester, NH!

There's only a one in ten thousand chance that a porcupine will be born completely white according to Factanimal.com.  The albino has a rougher go of things because it's not so easy to blend in with that bright white fur!

I wasn't sure what i was looking at when i first saw these pictures.  It looks almost like a really fat furball of a cat!

pauline alden
pauline alden

The porcupine seems like he's just enjoying a leisurely day around the backyard.           Tiffany Mai was able to catch some video...wait for the end, it's the best part!

The porcupine actually looks like it's galloping like a pony!

According to Factanimal.com, a porcupine's maximum speed is 2 miles per hour. Some other fun facts...even though that fur looks soft and fluffy it's actually pretty sharp quills.

Another fun fact?  Porcupines held the record for the longest living "rodent", with one making it to the ripe old age of 27, until it was bumped off by a Naked-Mole Rat that made it to 28!

One thing I learned from Factanimal.com is that it's a misnomer that porcupines will shoot their quills at you. Quills are actually released through contact or when the porcupine does a vigorous shake!

Thanks to Tiffany Mai for sharing this fun video and look out for the rare albino porcupine cruising through your backyard!


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