The New Hampshire DMV has opened up a hotline for residents to answer questions about obtaining your new REAL ID.

WMUR stated that as of October 1, 2020, you will need a REAL ID or passport to fly domestic, enter a secure federal facility or military base.

What is a REAL ID? Well, even if your driver's license doesn’t expire for a while, if it is not a REAL ID, you won’t fly.

New Hampshire DMV is hoping to avoid long wait lines and anxious customers as the deadline approaches, according to WMUR. If you have plans to travel next holiday season, they caution you not to wait until the October deadline looms to obtain your REAL ID.

WMUR reports the hotline is (603)-4-REALID or for us number only folks (603-473-2543).

Call that number and you can get all your questions answered.

REAL ID is a new form of identification card or driver’s license that includes a star in a gold circle in the upper right-hand corner, the news station states.

That is the sign that your ID meets federal regulations. If you are in any doubt, call the hotline.


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