Hollywood is not what it used to be.  Welcome to movie making 2020.  Many movie releases have been delayed, such as the latest in the James Bond series, which has postponed its release until next spring.  According to patch.com/new-hampshire, The Regal Cinema chain included locations in Concord, Hooksett, and Newington will close and remain closed until the film industry figures out a path out of the pandemic and its restrictions.  Regal Cinemas did begin opening late in the summer but were not able to keep the doors open.


Without big blockbuster movies being released, few are willing to enter a movie theater to see old films. Mooky Greidinger, CEO of Cineworld said in a statement “Cineworld will continue to monitor the situation closely and still will communicate any future plans to resume operations in these markets at the appropriate time, when key markets have more concrete guidance on their reopening status and, in turn, studios are able to bring their pipeline of major releases back to the big screen,” per reporting from patch.com/new-hampshire.


2020 may be the year that we bring back drive-in movies.  Unfortunately, due to pandemic restrictions filming movies, many new releases will be delayed.  Going to the movies was such a big part of my youth.  My wife and I had our first date at the movies.  We saw “Fatal Attraction.”  I guess that was a poor choice for a first date, but we did get married so maybe it didn’t turn out too bad.  I feel bad for kids today and wonder what dating looks like for young adults in the age of COVID. It’s a sad day when the movie theaters close.  I hope we can get back to normal soon. But I gotta be honest I'm not heading to a movie theater anytime soon. Anything indoors really. Be safe.



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