90's kids unite when it comes to Dunkaroos. They are right up there with Gushers, Apple Jacks and Sprite Remix. I especially loved that cool Kangaroo from the commercials who always inquired, "How Do You Dunk Your Dunkaroos?"

Lately my heart has been longing for cookies dipped in frosting. And it's as if Wal Mart has access to my deepest snack filled thoughts because I heard that they are now selling their own spin on the 90's treat. They are calling it "Dunk 'N Crunch".

According to Delish, Wal Mart describes Dunk 'N Crunch as "a slightly grown up version of your favorite cookie and icing treat of the past."

I have only grown up slightly since my Dunkaroos days so I feel like that description is appropriate.

How do you dunk your Dunk N' Crunch?!!? Okay, that doesn't have the same ring to it.

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