It's official, ladies and jellyspoons. The start of the holiday season is right on our doorstep, and Black Friday will soon be upon us.

Now, before we get into chatting about the inevitable chaos that comes with Black Friday, we do want to address one thing: we're not ignoring Thanksgiving. If anything, this writer is a "no Christmas till Thanksgiving is over", kind of gal. We're just thinking ahead, as things get very busy for everyone when the holiday season officially kicks off.

When it comes to Black Friday, people usually fall into one of three categories. The first group of people are the hardcore shoppers. They head out late on Thanksgiving night (or very early the following morning), and make sure they get first dibs on the best deals of the season.

The second group (including this writer) enjoy Black Friday shopping, but aren't necessarily in a mad rush. They're content taking their time as they look around and enjoy the energy and hustle and bustle of it all.

The third group of people, well, they don't give a hoot about Black Friday for one of two reasons: either they simply don't care and plan on shopping later, or they finished their Christmas shopping months ago. Talk about being proactive.

Whatever your stance is, there are some important things to keep in mind when shopping and navigating the crowds on Black Friday. Here are 13 tips to remember, courtesy of your fellow New Englanders.

Remember These 13 Tips From New Englanders When Black Friday Shopping

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