In honor of National Nurses Week, I thought you might like to look back at the adorable video that some OB Nurses at Concord Hospital made last year to the unforgettable tune of 'Baby Shark!'

As you may or may not know, this is National Nurses Week. It runs from Monday, May 6th through Sunday, May 12th.

I for one, would never be able to do what nurses do, so I bow to your greatness. Being able to care for the sick and comfort those in need, working double shifts and all while keeping a bright and cheery smile on your face. You are an amazing group of men and women. Some of the true unsung heroes of our everyday lives. THANK YOU.

In honor of National Nurses Week, below is a Youtube video made by some of the OB nurses at Concord Hospital in New Hampshire. Give yourself a break from work and watch these ladies and gentlemen have fun grooving to that love it or hate it tune, 'Baby Shark!'

Happy Nurses Week and again, thank you for what you do on a daily basis to make all our lives more comfortable.

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