While this storm was anticipated, I don't think any of us thought the damage would be this severe, or wide ranging. Somehow, as of this morning, the neighborhood I live in still had electricity. Yet, the the area was trashed (literally) for a completely different reason.

Trash day.

Yes, today is trash day. Now, sure...generally, I put out the trash the night before. Not last night. If reports of 60MPH winds are coming through, everything's coming down. Plus, you bet the grill is going in the shed. If the deck furniture is going to stay on our property, it's going in the house. You get the picture, and trash is staying in a secure location until the weather has cleared. Not everyone got the memo.

I would say half the neighborhood put out their stuff last night, and their garbage was swept up in the elements. As a result, it looks like an army of bears had an Octoberfest bash gone wild, and toppled trash cans were scattered all over the street. Trash cans which were full last night.

While photographic evidence would be great for the story, I didn't want to be the guy going around snapping photos of my neighbors garbage first thing in the AM. Not only does it add insult to injury, it sends my creep factor through the roof. However, I did learn one thing; If our neighborhood gets into a game of Survivor, I know a lot of people are not going to make it through the first round.






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